Illustration : Lucas Brooking and Gareth O’Brien
Animation : Eloïse Rulquin

This project was part of the course "Advanced Motion Methods", by Sander van Dijk and the School of Motion
Project Overview
"Welcome to the 500th bi-annual Blend Conference which is being held in the Utopia Basin Amphitheater on Mars this year. We’ll be celebrating the milestones that both human kind and MoGraphers like yourself have accomplished since our first conference in 2015."
Blend is a conference style party in Vancouver for the motion, design & animation family, created by Jorge, Teresa, Claudio & Sander.  The heart of Blend and Wine after Coffee is to be a place, online and offline, where people from all around the world share awesome work, get inspired, learn, and collaborate.​​​​​​​
Animation Process
Figuring out all the transitions between the scenes. 
Some shapes, like the little boxe in the 2nd styleframe, became "hero" elements to drive the viewers eyes during the most complex transitions
Making of the "fake 3D" boxes using the shape layers paths
Creation of the 360° rotation of the rocket in After Effects, using only 2D elements.
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